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advanced tooling capabilities

Aluminum Precision Products utilizes the most advanced engineering platforms for solid modeling, tool design and metal flow simulation in the development and fabrication of forging tooling.

We are capable of receiving solid model part designs in virtually any format, translating or transferring them to our platforms and designing the optimum tools for the most economical forging approaches. In addition, we integrate our tooling design and forging simulation with our 4 & 5 axis CNC die sinking centers for accurate rapid sinking of the tooling.

Our engineering personnel are available for co-located or concurrent engineering activities with your engineers in the nascent stages of design development, thus precluding the many changes and developmental adjustments often incident to new forging designs.

CNC die sinking centers make up the backbone of our die manufacturing facility. Our die fabrication capabilities are augmented by in-house EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for difficult tooling features. APP operates one of the largest in-house forge die shops in the aluminum forging industry in terms of numbers of dies produced.


Engineering, Tooling, Design, Machine Programming, and Q.C.

Catia 4.3.2
Catia V5-5R2014
Catia DMU V5-5R2014
AutoCAD 2015
SolidWorks 2015
MSC Simufact 12.0
Forge NxT Cluster
Master-CAM 12.0
Vericut V6.0
Calypso off line