TITANIUM has the extraordinary combination of great strength and light weight, is resistant to corrosion when exposed to sea water and chlorine, and an important part of APP’s business. APP has been producing titanium forgings since 1975, primarily for the aerospace market. We forge a variety of alloys, including Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 10V-2Fe-3Al, and others, in sizes up to 250 square inches Plan View Area (PVA). Our design and production technologies allow us to produce both precision iso-thermally forged parts and conventional lower temperature forgings.


These forgings are usually produced at lower die temperatures with less costly and less complex conventional tooling. The production rates of conventional titanium forgings are typically much higher than for iso-thermal forgings, resulting in a less costly part with shorter lead times.

TitaniumForge7When the temperatures of both the forging dies and the titanium raw material are elevated to the same very high level, we call this condition “Iso-Thermal.” The iso-thermal condition, with close tolerance, super alloy tooling, special lubricants, and closely controlled forging speeds and pressures, combine to produce net and near-net configurations that require little to no machining. APP has four decades of iso-thermal forging experience.