APP Capabilities

With 50 years of aluminum  forging experience, APP is capable of providing a variety of manufacturing and engineering services at an expert level. APP is vertically integrated by offering primary forging processing, multiple heat treat facilities, post-forging processing and inspection capabilities, machining, hardware installation, and locally available surface processing (e.g., shot peen/blast, anodize, prime, paint, etc.). We are capable of providing most forged components completely finished and ready to install on your assembly.

forgedwheels1Forging Presses
42 Hydraulic Forging Presses
• Tonnage Range from 8,000 to 300
9 Mechanical Forging Presses
• Tonnage Range from 4,000 to 600
3 Spin Forging Centers
• Flow Form up to 24″ in Diameter

Press Capabilities
Conventional Forging: Up to 650 Square Inches in Plan View Area (PVA)
Precision Forging: Up to 350 Square Inches in Plan View Area (PVA)
Spinner Capabilities: Up to 24″ in Diameter for Wheels, Cones, Etc.


Metallurgy Lab
APP’s state of the art metallurgy laboratory is staffed to test aluminum alloys for strength and hardness, and is Nadcap approved. We are capable of performing the following tests on aluminum alloys:
• Room Temperature Testing (Round & Flat Specimens)
• Hardness
• Electrical Conductivity
• Chemistry
• Microstructure / Intergranular Corrosion Testing
• Grain Flow Testing

Trim EquipmentCNC Tooling
• Mechanical Trim Presses (1-50 ton; 2-50 ton)
• Water Jet Cutter 3-Axis CNC 96″ x 144″ x 12″

CNC Milling
Including Horizontal 4-Axis Automated Pallet Cells
An array of 3, 4, 5-Axis
• Kitamura
• Makino
• Mazak
• Mori-Seiki
• Okuna
Spindle SpeedSpinner
• 15,000 RPM
5-Axis Horizontal (Up to 28″ envelope)
4-Axis Horizontal (up to 55″ length)
• No setup time
• Dedicated Tombstones
3-Axis Vertical Mills (Up to 80″ length)
5-CNC Lathes (Up to 34″)
• Close Tolerance Jig Boring & Jig Grinding
• Tol. to 0.0005 dimension/location

Process & Inspection Capabilities
Thermal Treatment
• Vertical batch heat treat furnaces
• Horizontal continuous heat treat furnacesHeat Treat
• Age ovens
• Fully Equipped & Staffed
• DCC-CMM Dimensional Inspection
• Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
• Ultrasonic Testing (Stock & Parts)
• Certified Metallurgical Lab
Surface Finish
• Shot Peen
• Anodize
• Prime

APP utilizes the most advanced engineering platforms for solid modeling, tool design and metal flow simulation in the development and fabrication of forging tooling. We are capable of receiving solid model part designs in virtually any format, translating or transferring them to our platforms and designing the optimum tools for the most economical forging approaches.

Our engineering personnel are available for co-located or concurrent engineering activities with your engineers in the nascent stages of design development that can save time on project development adjustments often incident to new forging designs.

• CATIA V5-6R2021
• CATIA 4.3.2
• CATIA Enovia DMU V5-6R2021
• MSC Simufact 12.0
• Forge NXT Cluster
• Mastercam 2021
• PC-DMIS 2020
• Vericut V9.0
• Calypso
• Calypso off-line

Die Shop
Our CNC die sinking centers make up the backbone of our die manufacturing facility. Our die fabrication capabilities are augmented by in-house EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for difficult tooling features. APP operates one of the largest in-house forge die shops in the aluminum forging industry in terms of number of dies produced.