Industries We Serve

APP NASA Sky CraneAPP was formed in response to the requirement for precision forged parts from the aerospace industry. As the science and engineering of forging practices became more widely known, an increase occurred in the demand for lighter weight, cost saving, metal parts that spread across a variety of industries. APP’s expansion is due, in part, to the needs of industries where forged aluminum parts are crucial to their success. APP serves the following industries.


APP has served the Aerospace industry from day one. The cost savings benefit that the airframe manufacturers experienced was so significant that it drove production demand for other DOD parts, and opened up the helicopter market. APP has developed and supplied in the hundreds of thousands of forged parts for the airline industry, and currently has over 10 thousand dies devoted to aerospace. Due to our reputation for high quality and precision, APP has earned production opportunities with NASA for the Mars Rover Sky Crane and Space Shuttle projects.



Using our forging experience from the aerospace industry, APP produces high-strength, light weight parts for the automotive industry. Due to the metallurgical integrity and cost effectiveness of forging, the automotive industry has capitalized on the quality and design ideas that APP can provide.

• Brake Calipers
• Brake Hats
• Brake Levers
• Connecting Rods (Both Competition & Street)
• Control Arms
• Class 7 Truck Hubs
• Clutch Baskets
• Drive Shaft Yokes
• Engine Blocks
• Engine Mounts
• Foot Brakes
• Hand Brakes
• Hubs
• Gas Pedals
• Modular Center Disks (Automotive & Motorcycle Aftermarkets)
• Monoblock Wheel Blanks (Domestic & Foreign Markets)
• Motorcycle Triple Clamps
• Pistons (Both Competition & Street)
• Pulleys
• Spindles
• Suspension Control Arms
• Trailer Hitches



APP has a long history of supplying critical forgings to the defense and protection of our country. We are proud to have put our engineering and production know-how towards the efforts of producing integral parts for the Patriot missile, Cruise missile, Trident missile, and other missile defense systems.

• Cargo Aircraft
• Heavy Lift Aircraft
• Military Fixed Wing Aircraft
• Military Helicopters
• Military Tilt Rotor Craft
• Ordinance
• Rotor Craft
• Strategic Aircraft
• Weaponry (Air & Land)


Industrial machinery that run round the clock, and seven days a week, require parts that can keep up with a demanding schedule. Forged parts are a reliable resource due to their most basic components. It is the molecular structure of the part that is produced from the forge that enables a basic aluminum part to become machinery to depend on.
• Centrifuge Rotors
• Runway Lights
• Ventilation Fan Blades


APP produces impellers that are used on locomotive turbochargers. With the amount of force and energy that needs to transfer through the turbocharger, it is crucial to have an impeller that can withstand high amounts of heat transfer and not dismantle or deteriorate.
• Impellers


DragsterFast paced and high octane motor sports manufacturers not only appreciate the durability of forged parts, but also the customization. In an industry where standing out and being different is key, forged parts that are custom designed to the visionaries’ specifications in not only appearance but also for weight, balance, and corrosion resistance is what APP has accomplished.
• Brake Calipers
• Connecting Rods
• Engine Blocks
• Pistons
• Wheels

Power Generation

windfarmAlternative forms of energy and their markets are growing at an accelerated rate. Forged aluminum parts to support the power generators for these industries are being produced due to the strength, durability, corrosion-resistance, and cost-effectiveness that forging provides.
• Wind Turbine Braking System


Non-corrosive, light-weight, and cost-effective parts are what we produce for the semi-conductor industry. The overall minimal dimensional variation, durability, and design customization abilities are huge benefits for this industry.
• Top & Bottom Vacuum Chambers

Sports & Leisure

APP runs the gamut when it comes to what we are able to produce for the weaponry sector. Because forgings produce light-weight parts that are shaped according to our customer’s design specifications, there isn’t a design that we could not accomplish for a gun, cross-bow, or martial arts weapon manufacturer or distributor.
• Archery Risers
• Bicycles
• Fire Arms
• Lower & Upper Receivers