Open Die Forging - APP

Open Die Hand Forging

Open Die Forgings, also known as “Hand Forgings” or “Forged Block,” are manufactured in flat dies, eliminating the requirement for non-recurring tooling. They are characterized by specific grain directions (ST – Short Traverse; LT – Long Traverse; and L – Longitudinal), and are produced in many shapes, from the classic “block” configurations to bent, stepped, or curved shapes.

Reasons to choose Open Die Forgings include:

  • Cost of developing closed die forging tool is cut-rate.
  • Engineering of the component is not yet finalized and creating the closed die tooling is premature.
  • The part requires forged properties and machining an open die forging is the most economical method to achieve your goal.
  • The lead time for developing closed die tooling may not support your program.
  • Aluminum Precision Products offers a wide range of Open Die Forging alloys, configurations, tempers and sizes. Both our Santa Ana and Oxnard facilities in California produce Open Die Forgings.
  • APP can produce special shapes and round hollows (trepanned and/or bored).

For more information see our Guide on what makes a good die forging candidate.

2014, 2024, 2219, 2618, 3003, 4032, 5083, 5086, 6061, 7049, 7050, 7075, 7079, 7149, 7150, 7175 7249, and others.
All tempers including -F, O, -01, all T tempers and H tempers, including stress relieved (-T7352, T7452, etc.). Specific alloys require specific tempers.
Where required, we offer precision machining of the rectangle surfaces to tolerances of +.010/-.000. We perform mechanical testing, ultrasonic inspection, and stress relief (where required) at our own facilities.


Maximum weight of 6,000 pounds net
ST – up to 24 inches (560mm)
LT – up to 48 inches (1219.2 mm)
L – up to 360 inches (9,144 mm)
up to 48 inches (760mm) diameter
up to 30 inches (760mm) diameter, 150 inches (3800mm) length